Animal Trivia

Animal Trivia


Comic NamePublished Date
Gillard Leadership Spill21st March 2013
MacBook Pro Delivery Time28th June 2012
Melbourne Earthquake19th June 2012
Emu Cat15th June 2012
Strain-Necked Emu Returns14th June 2012
Eating Out20th January 2008
Bike Face16th January 2008
Conversation12th January 2008
Animal Trivia10th January 2008
Happy Hospital8th January 2008
Political Whale7th January 2008
Staring Guy6th January 2008
Dodgy Turtle4th January 2008
Second Life Voice4th January 2008
Retard Hand26th December 2007
More Better25th December 2007
Hello25th December 2007
Failboat25th December 2007
Lolboat20th December 2007
Bird18th August 2002
Dangoos17th August 2002
Nature14th August 2002
Yo Momma13th August 2002
Gyrocopter12th August 2002
No you are11th August 2002
Give me some money10th August 2002


  • Mr Speaker @ 21st January 2008

    That is hilarious! And that is true about the walking backwards... I can't believe it, I learnt something from this (very intelligent) comic!

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